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Oct 26 2017

Wfk Testgewebe GmbH – Test Materials – Concepts, test fax.#Test #fax


Test faxwfk Testgewebe GmbH – Test Materials Concepts

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Test fax

29 February 2016: The AHAM Energy Test Cloth Task Force approved lot 22. Correction coefficients are available here.

Test faxWe are very happy to announce our new partnership with CSC China Standard Certification in Beijing and Qingdao. Together with our well experienced and established representation through Nanjing Langmuir Trading CO.,LTD, the new partnership and technical cooperation with CSC will allow us to contribute to the development of test materials and refinement of test concepts and standards in China.

Test faxWe posted the presentations delivered at the 47th IDC Conference in Duesseldorf in our Presentations section, together with a number of older publications.

Welcome to wfk Testgewebe GmbH:

These pages provide you with information about our company, our products and services.

Please use the menu to navigate and access our site.

We updated our storage recommendation for SBL2004 to now also provide suggestions for storing opened packages.

The Laundry Standard Detergents’ section was updated to now also provide the composition of the AATCC 1993 Standard Detergents with and witout optical brightener.

Test faxThe section with the IEC/AHAM Test Strip data was updated to provide AHAM and IEC Quality Control data for the latest batches.

Despite the fact that the Lot 21 Correction Coefficients are not yet available on the DOE server we uploaded the Excel file with that information for your convenience.

Test fax

November 2011: Availability of Arzberg dishware items specified in IEC 60436 and other standards

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