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Dec 31 2017

Web – amp; mobile Application Development

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Web mobile Application Development

I am commissioning a project to develop an on demand system that function in a similar way to UBER but its for a different kind of on demand service which I would disclose to you when we discuss. I have done the requirement analysis and I have decided on the kind of hosting platform and development language to use and develop the system. I have one in-house staff who would work with the team I will hire. I need 3 people with different skills:

1) A network programmer with deep knowledge of how to design software architecture (he should have high competence in ubuntu linux, gunicorn Application server, Nginx proxy server, some knowledge of MemSQL will be helpful and cloud networking)

2) A Django Programmer with high competence GUI using PYQT

3) A mobile APP developer with high competence in Qpython for Android App and Object-C for IOS should know how to use Tastypie to create REST API to enable Object-C run Django developed APPs on IOS

These are the tools that they would be required to work with:

The development Language

MEMSQL – Relational Database

PyQt – Graphical User Interface (GUI) development tool for python

Django – Web Framework (for the building of the web application)

MEMSQL Python Connector – SQLAlchemy

OBject-C – that would be used for compiling the IOS APP

Tastypie – This is the Web service

Integrated Development Environment Tools

QPython – this the native development environment for Django application to run on Android. Qpython is a script engine which runs Python programs on android devices. It also can help developers develop android applications.

Xcode – The development tools for IOS App

Server side OS Management Application

Ubuntu or FreeBSD – Operating System

Nginx – Webserver, proxy server, reverse proxy server

Gunicorn- Application level server handling application level request (Bjoern is also in consideration, a final decision would be made on it before the project begin).

Ubuntu or FreeBSD – Operating System

Virtualenv – tool for isolated virtual environment

Supervisor – Supervisor is a client/server system that allows its users to monitor and control a number of processes on UNIX-like operating systems.

Project ID: #14306131

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