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Mar 6 2018

Used Cars in Kenya – Quality Second Hand Toyota Cars, second hand cars in kenya.#Second #hand #cars #in #kenya

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Buying a car can be an exciting and challenging experience. Picking the right car, finding the right dealership, figuring out what to pay and buying the car are part of the process of getting a new or any car for that matter. Now, Toyota Kenya has made it even easier for people to own its popular vehicle brands – whether new or pre-owned. There is no denying that, everybody wants to buy a new car, but realistically, most people buy used (second hand) cars.

For the time it has been in the business of supplying vehicles, parts and service in the country, Toyota has focused on selling brand new vehicles. Buyers could pay for the vehicles outright or seek financing options through the firm’s in-house asset financier Tsusho Capital. Now, there is the option of buying pre-owned, quality Toyota vehicles through Toyotsu Auto Mart Kenya.

As it is, owning a brand new car – for business or personal use – is a dream shared by millions of people across the country. However, not all get to own one in their lifetime. Some opt to buy used or second-hand cars sourced locally or abroad presumably because they are more affordable. Toyota is a brand that is been proven to deliver consistently hence the popularity of its diverse models among Kenyan motorists.

Toyota Kenya’s pre–owned vehicles sister company Toyotsu Auto Mart offers a range of carefully selected pre–owned Toyota vehicles. It gives customers the opportunity to purchase quality pre–owned vehicles which undergo comprehensive evaluation by qualified technicians to ensure excellent operability. Toyota prioritizes important elements of vehicle purchase which include: full service history, availability of genuine title documents and quality assurance check, which guarantees our customers peace of mind.

On the other hand, Toyota offers its new vehicle customers the choice of trading–in their pre-owned Toyotas when purchasing a new one through Toyotsu Auto Mart, as an effortless financing option. Trade-in is done through a simple process, which involves a quick vehicle appraisal and trade-in value determination. New vehicle customers therefore stand to gain from attractive trade in values characterized by the strong re-sale values of Toyota even as they renew the joy of owning a brand new Toyota vehicle.

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