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Jan 16 2018

School for business management degree

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It’s an exciting time to study business and management. Organisations must innovate to meet the challenges of economic uncertainty and global competition – and they’re looking for dynamic managers with adaptable skills to help them succeed. Moreover, a growing shortage of management skills across all sectors means there are great opportunities out there for the right person. OUBS gives you a unique chance to position yourself to take full advantage.


Our programmes range from undergraduate certificates, diplomas and degrees to postgraduate qualifications (including our triple-accredited, practice-based MBA ) and research degrees. Whichever qualification you choose, you’ll be studying a curriculum developed and delivered by academics of international standing with strong industry expertise.

If you’re thinking about dipping your toe in the water but would like a taste of study before you decide, samples from many OUBS courses are free to download from iTunes U. We also offer free informal learning – from blogs, features, quizzes and podcasts to short self-contained courses.

Our flexible approach to teaching and learning is designed to fit in with busy professional and personal lives. Whatever your motivations for studying – to get a better job, go for a promotion, develop new skills or change direction completely – we can help you transform your career and take control of your future.

Each year, OUBS celebrates our highest achieving students with achievement awards .

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