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Jul 31 2017

Sarcomatoid Mesothelioma – Treatment and Prognosis #mesothe


Sarcomatoid Mesothelioma

Sarcomatoid cell types are mainly found in pleural mesothelioma patients. It is the rarest form of mesothelioma and least treatable.

What is Sarcomatoid Mesothelioma?

Sarcomatoid cells metastasize faster than other mesothelioma cell types, causing the formation of cancerous tumors in other areas of the body. This makes sarcomatoid the most dangerous cell type, though new treatments are leading to longer life expectancies. Sarcomatoid mesothelioma only accounts for about 10-15 percent of all mesothelioma diagnoses.

Characteristics of Sarcomatoid Cells

Cell Description

The cells are spindle-shaped and have an enlarged, elongated nucleus. These cells sometimes have multiple nuclei and are harder to distinguish from healthy tissue.

Cell Behavior

Sarcomatoid cells do not bundle themselves in a uniform way like epithelioid cells. This contributes to the cells ability to spread faster than other cell types.

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