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Jan 30 2018

Neuropsychology in Phoenix

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H. Daniel Blackwood, PhD

Neuropsychology Associates, P.C. of Phoenix, Arizona

Our work involves diagnostic consultation for a wide range of brain-related problems. Some of our areas of focus are:

  • School-age children and adolescents, with specific emphasis on learning disabilities, ADHD, nonverbal learning disabilities, and processing disorders;
  • The effects of mild traumatic brain injury;
  • The effects of dementia on the elderly.

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Dr. Blackwood

Dr. Blackwood was the first neuropsychologist in Arizona to be board certified in Clinical Neuropsychology by the American Board of Professional Psychology. Previously affiliated with the Department of Neurology of.


Neuropsychological assessments provide objective documentation of an individual s capabilities in a number of areas.

Brain Disorder

There are many conditions that can affect the brain and cause problems in intelligence or academic abilities, in personality and behavior. Neuropsychological assessment identifies the.

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Learning more about Neuropsychology and its clinical process.

Appointments and Forms

Appointments for consultations or evaluations can be scheduled by calling (602) 230-8324 in Phoenix, or (928) 777-2477 in Prescott. Inquiries can also be made by completing this convenient contact form. For a map to our.

Links and Resources

The following websites, though not affiliated with Neuropsychology Associates, P.C. may be of interest to our clients:

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