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Jun 17 2017

Medical Billing Specialist Salary #medical #insurance #billing #salary


Medical Billing Specialist Salary

Job Description for Medical Billing Specialist

Medical billing specialists are responsible for improving processes and resolving issues related to medical billing within a healthcare organization, as well as facilitating billing processes with standardized practices and assisting with accounting and customer service. These specialists have strong interpersonal skills to assist patients, physicians, and other health professionals and use their problem-solving abilities to resolve conflicts caused by billing errors. They generally work with a team of specialists to address medical codes and billing department procedures.

Medical billing specialists work in a fast-paced environment and multitask on a variety of projects, and they are also responsible for completing billing paperwork and processing adjustment requests. They use a variety of communication methods, such as phone, e-mail, and regular mail to reach interested parties. They must explain bill items, adjust them after approval, and work well with other medical professionals in a team setting to reach objectives in a timely manner.

These specialists attend departmental meetings to suggest ways to increase productivity and use fewer company resources. As such, they must be highly motivated and perform effectively with minimal supervision. They actively participate in the collections and appeals processes and generally work in an office environment while developing strong business relationships with insurance counterparts. They use a personal computer to log all interactions with patients, vendors, doctors, and administrative staff to reach positive solutions for billing problems.

A high school diploma is generally required for this position, and prior experience in a billing or medical administrative capacity is highly beneficial. Industry certifications are also helpful.

Medical Billing Specialist Tasks

  • Verify accuracy of billing data and revise any errors.
  • Review and retain medical records in order to compute fees and charges due.
  • Prepare bills or invoices, and record amount due for medical procedures and services.
  • Contact patients in order to obtain or relay account information.

Common Career Paths for Medical Billing Specialist

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