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Jun 12 2017

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Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology

The Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology ® (JCCP) publishes original contributions on the following topics:

  • the development, validity, and use of techniques of diagnosis and treatment of disordered behavior
  • studies of a variety of populations that have clinical interest, including but not limited to medical patients, ethnic minorities, persons with serious mental illness, and community samples
  • studies that have a cross-cultural or demographic focus and are of interest for treating behavior disorders
  • studies of personality and of its assessment and development where these have a clear bearing on problems of clinical dysfunction and treatment
  • studies of gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation that have a clear bearing on diagnosis, assessment, and treatment
  • studies of psychosocial aspects of health behaviors

Studies that focus on populations that fall anywhere within the lifespan are considered.

JCCP welcomes submissions on treatment and prevention in all areas of clinical and clinical–health psychology and especially on topics that appeal to a broad clinical–scientist and practitioner audience.

JCCP encourages the submission of theory–based interventions, studies that investigate mechanisms of change, and studies of the effectiveness of treatments in real-world settings.

JCCP recommends that authors of clinical trials pre-register their studies with an appropriate clinical trial registry (e.g., though both registered and unregistered trials will continue to be considered at this time.

Studies on the following topics will be considered if they have clear implications for clinical research and practice:

  • epidemiology
  • use of psychological services
  • health care economics for behavioral disorders

Although JCCP largely publishes research that is empirical and quantitative in method, rigorous theoretical papers on topics of broad interest to the field of clinical psychology will be considered, as will critical analyses and meta-analyses of treatment approaches on topics of broad theoretical, methodological, or practical interest to the field of clinical psychology.

JCCP also considers methodologically sound single-case designs (e.g. that conform to the recommendations outlined in the “What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) Single-Case Design

JCCP does not consider manuscripts dealing with the etiology or descriptive pathology of abnormal behavior (which are more appropriate for the Journal of Abnormal Psychology ). Similarly, the journal does not consider articles focusing primarily on assessment, measurement, and diagnostic procedures and concepts (which are more appropriate for Psychological Assessment ). Editors reserve the right to determine the most appropriate location of a manuscript.

Disclaimer: APA and the Editors of the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology ® assume no responsibility for statements and opinions advanced by the authors of its articles.

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