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Jun 25 2017

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Interwoven Document Management

Interwoven worksite provides an intuitive way to file, find, and collaborate with documents. It organizes and provides context for all types of content in a shared repository organized by matter, project, or engagement.

The software’s full integration with Microsoft Office and other popular desktop software makes for quick enthusiastic adoption for IT and users alike. The system helps users adhere to document retention and security policy without interrupting their day or having an extra program open.

Our Interwoven integrations have been successful for several reasons.

  1. Our Design – Because the system can form around client standards and norms. Project workspaces match the current way of doing business, so users don t need to change how they work, in order to work with the system.
  2. User support – After launching, we train every level of end user with customized training and floor support.
  3. Smooth transitions – Most companies switch systems over a weekend. Our installations go well because of our depth of experience and adherence to best practices.

Document Management Functionality

File your documents fast and find them instantaneously

Of course, Worksite has robust, fast, customized searching. Search for text in the document, e-mail, or other content. Search for metadata attributed to the document, or use any combination to find the document you need, when you need it.

With Interwoven document management, links to commonly accessed files are available from the My Engagements and Recent Documents folders. Because the system is matter / project centric, it is intuitive to users accustomed to a manila folder. They can find their documents, and discover forgotten documents by looking through the virtual folder.

Filing documents in Interwoven Document Management is as simple as drag-and-drop from the Outlook interface. The Save and Save As options in Microsoft Office also lead to Interwoven. Some metadata can even be automatically generated for faster, more accurate filing.

Interwoven Document Management can even be mobile. Find and file emails and documents from your Blackberry or offsite laptop. Changes synchronize with the onsite system automatically.

Please contact us for more information on Interwoven Document Management.

Interwoven Document Management Solutions

“I have a simple business philosophy, I insist that all of the firm`s service providers and vendors treat us the same way we take care of our clients. Nothing short of that is acceptable, especially with regard to technology, because the service we deliver to our clients is absolutely dependent upon the integrity of our systems and their support. Our firm regards MCS as a critical business partner and they have never let us down.”

Michael J. Yeonopolus
Major Denver Law Firm

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