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Jul 27 2017

IESE Business School: MBAs – Executive Education – 1st Business School in the World for Executive Education, FT 2017 #best #online #school #for #business



African leaders have committed to creating a continent-wide free trade zone by the end of this year. But how close are they to achieving this ambitious goal? And how do African economies stand to benefit from increased intra-continental trade?

Professor Africa Ariño looks at progress so far and the ways increased trade could shrink current account deficits, improve infrastructure and lift productivity among African countries .


Our Advanced Management Program in Media and Entertainment gets underway in New York this week, the start of a nine-month adventure in executive education covering all facets of the media industry. from sizing up sector-wide trends, to retaining a millennial audience, to managing creative talent, to making the most of digital content.

The five-module program affords executives a unique perspective from media and technology hubs. with three modules in New York, one in Los Angeles at UCLA and a final session in Barcelona . just after the Mobile World Congress .


Of all the complicated labelling on products, the most important words for many consumers are simply “Made in …” A product’s country of origin often serves as a proxy for quality. But what happens to products made in developing countries? Are start-ups from those countries doomed because of negative country-of-origin effect?

Not necessarily, according to Prof. Julia Prats. Pau Amigó and Marc Sosna. There are ways to overcome country-of-origin bias, they say, drawing on research from eastern European countries during the 1990s. Their recommendations to companies range from building a brand to communicating achievements to leveraging external stakeholders .

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