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Mar 22 2018

Avagmah brings world-class higher education to your fingertips

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Avagmah brings world-class higher education
to your fingertips.

In a world of high competition, creating a successful marketing program which is cost effective has become mandatory. But, this requires a deep knowledge of the core marketing function while being innovative on implementation. Over 2 years, this program will help you understand basic concepts while learning from real time examples to give everything you need for a successful marketing career

PGDITM in Data Analytics Business Intelligence

All India Management Association

102,000 & 2 Years Course Fee & Duration

Course Fee & Duration 102,000 & 2 Years

In the era of big data, managers specializing in data analytics and business intelligence are highly sought after. In two years, this program provides you with the knowledge and skill set in key areas like predictive modelling, social and web analytics among others. The redesigned and revitalized curriculum of the PGDITM programs at AIMA provides the required balance of management and technical courses for today’s managers.

Course Fee & Duration 60,000 & 2 Years

Operations management is a course that combines your passion for perfection, efficiency and your capabilities in administration. With an MBA in operations management, you can learn how to draw successful outputs efficiently. You can learn how to convert inputs like labour, proprietary data, and material into beneficial outputs like satisfactory services, precision in production, and value-added products. The main role of an operations manager is to carefully estimate and utilise the organisation’s funds to achieve the highest possible profit.


I’ve waited 10 years to do my post-graduation. I dropped out of a distance education programme, because I couldn’t attend contact classes. I have been waiting for something like this. I joined this programme because it provides me a comfort level – I can attend class at my convenience. This is a great initiative [online programmes] and I greatly appreciate the efforts of the student executives. I email my concerns at midnight and a response will be in my inbox when I get back to work. The effort the support team puts to resolve our concerns is greatly appreciable.


10 years of work experience now in a management role with an MNC

I’ve wanted to do an MBA for a very long time, but taking a break from work or attending contact classes for traditional distance education programmes were not possible. I opted for Bharathidasan University program because now using the Avagmah Technology platform, I can study on my laptop and smartphone whenever and wherever I want. The faculty lectures are delivered via live and recorded video classes allowing me to study at my own comfort. This course is ideal for working professionals like me who want to help grow their career further

Sai Kumar Mangapuram,

14 years of work experience

As a working professional we have to juggle with family, work and other commitments. With less time to pursue higher studies, the online platform at Pondicherry University is a boon for us to up-skill ourselves. Recommend all career-minded professionals to make use of this great facility. It is one of the best resource available in India for distance education

Balaji Subramanian,

18 years of work experience


The technologies that Avagmah presented was quite innovative and very well adapted to the requirements of recreating the classroom in a digital space. The idea was to take our faculty and their expertise to locations across India, in a more effective manner. You can be a part of the IIMB classroom using even a mobile phone. If you look at it from the institute end, as faculty, we are able to interact with these students one on one and replicate a lot of the real classroom experience that we have in IIMB in a virtual space. So, I would say it is low cost, simple and certainly very effective. Read More as infrastructure constraints that most schools in India have. If any school wishes to be on the forefront of education and be more relevant to meeting the needs of the students, it is absolutely necessary to leverage the power of technology. View Less

Prof P D Jose,

Chairperson, MOOCs Initiatives, IIM Bangalore

News and PR

The global market for distance learning has grown over the years with India set to see a growth of about 11 per cent (CAGR) between this year and 2020.

Already, the country’s consumption of online content makes it one of the top markets in the world for distance education and edtech players. Avagmah, a start-up that enables users to pursue MBA qualifications over a mobile app, caters to learners in urban locations and is seeing a mounting number of takers. Read More

Avagmah brings world-class higher education to
your fingertips

Avagmah won The Smart Ceo Startup 50
Award 2016

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