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Jun 12 2017

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Easy to use

Ecsow Auto Dialer allows you to make low-cost world-wide calls to landlines and mobiles at minimal rates – starting at $0.02/m!

It does not require any extra telecom hardware or add any phone lines, and you don’t have to order costy service! Just import a CSV file of phone numbers to start dialing.

It’s absolutely free to download and try Ecsow Auto Dialer software before you buy it.

Increase Agent Productivity


Ecsow Auto Dialer is a full-featured outbound dialing system integrated with Skype & SIP. Ecsow Auto Dialer increase your agents talk time and contact rates. When dialing manually over 70% of your agent’s time is wasted. Ecsow Auto Dialer software dramatically increases agent productivity and eliminates unproductive calls(busy, no-answer, disconnected lines and answering machines, optionally leaving a voice message on answering machines).
Ecsow Dialer is as scalable and flexible as it is affordable. It do NOT need expensive telecom hardware or telephone lines – calls are made through Skype & SIP Trunk directly by your agent’s computer. The only hardware requirement is computer, plus a USB headset that allows your agent to talk to a live person through a computer.


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