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Aug 31 2018

About Rank Florida – a Florida SEO Company

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About Rank Florida

Learn more about Florida’s best SEO company.

Florida SEO Expert Bio

I began my career as a Florida SEO some 10 years ago. A then writer for health and fitness magazines, I started an e-commerce website as a side project. A hobby if you will. I kicked things off by retaining a programmer named Dan from Oregon. Oregon Dan suggested I hire something called an SEO Guy. No clue what that meant

But, Dan was a very sharp guy, so I took his advice, and hired Dean, this new SEO guy to see what he could do for me.

Well, Dean stepped up the plate and rocked the house!

Within six weeks, we had our first sale. In a couple months, we were the 2nd largest retailer in the country.

Wanting to know more, I paid Dean to execute a brain dump and teach me everything he knew about SEO. Mind you, this was back in the days of Google s infancy, so tons has changed since then. But, what a wild ride it has been!

Since then, I ve owned, operated and worked for SEO agencies, including Moz. I m also a highly successful super affiliate digital marketer outside of, which enables me to operate it with maximum efficiency (see Who is Rank Florida section below).

I currently reside in West Palm Beach, FL. and am an avid snorkeler.

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Who is Rank Florida?

Rank Florida is me and my Director of Sales, Tanya Woodford. All I do is just SEO. No other upsell services like social media management, web design or the like. I prefer to stay focused on what I do best.

By allowing myself to hone in on my skill set, this also enables me to keep my costs lowered. So, instead of paying for a team of 25 on payroll, an expensive lease, and insurance, you re basically paying for what you really want: highly skilled labor and an infrastructure that ll get you ranked. That s the fundamentals of a successful campaign.

Unfortunately, not every client is accepted. You see, I m looking for growing businesses that fit a certain criteria and the timing has to be good for me as well. This in turn enables me to give your campaign a great level of attention. I ll never stretch my workload thin for extra profit.

Zero contracts

I don t want just clients. I want business alliances. It s important to me that the clients we do work with feel comfortable with our relationship, and as such, can opt-out at any time. No binding contracts. A handshake is good enough for me, and if its good enough for you, too, then you re the kind of person I want to work with.

Proven track record

I m not just some SEO company cold calling you or advertising in the paid listings of AdWords. I rank hard in organic search. My rankings speak for themselves.

I honor your territory

If you re a dentist in Orlando, I m not about to accept another one in the same area. That s not how I do business. Every client we work with receives full territorial protection during the course of our working relationship.


Listing an SEO company badge link on a clients web page may seem harmless, but to a savvy competitor, their marketing methods could be reverse engineered. Unfortunately, it occurs all too often and unsuspecting SEO agencies let it happen. Moreover, these same SEO agencies like to harness the link equity from their client sites and point it back to their agency sites for a boost. I find this unethical all the around. For this reason, you will never find my company badge and link on your site, and what we do as a team stays between us.

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